Chairman Mao Zedong Inscribed the Name of Xiangtan University


                  Inscription date: Sept. 10, 1958
                  About the Envelop: 26.8cm in length and 12.8cm in width
                  About the writing paper: three pieces of writing papers, 21cm in length and 30cm in width for each (One was drawn a circle at the top-right corner.)

                  In late August of 1958, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee appointed Mao Yuju, elder male cousin of Chairman Mao and a home school teacher, to visit Chairman Mao in Beijing to invite him to inscribe the name of the newly-established university. On Sept. 9, Chairman Mao met with Mao Yuju at Juxiang Shuwu (a residence of Chairman Mao) in Zhongnanhai. He asked about the development of XTU's construction in great detail and enjoined the authorities to work hard to make a success of it". A few days later, Tian Jiaying, secretary of Chairman Mao, visited Mao Yujia at a hotel and handed him a letter and two pieces of paper with inscription autographed by Chairman Mao. The letter went as follows: "Dear elder brother Yuju, I have written two pieces of paper with the name of Xiangtan University on at your request. I am looking forward to having them forwarded and selected. By the way, I have prepared a letter for Dongshan School. Please forward it for me." The letter and the attached two pieces of paper were written on Sept.10. The name written with free calligraphy on both pieces looked simple but powerful. One was drawn a circle at the top-right corner, which was later selected by Xiangtan University. And Sept. 10 was later specified as the School Day of Xiangtan University.