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                  XTU's International Exchange and Cooperation

                  The international Exchange and Cooperation work of Xiangtan University consists of the following:

                  1. Cooperative international educational programs;
                  2. Foreign student enrollment and education;
                  3. International skilled personnel introduction, and teacher training and continuing education outside of China;
                  4. The 20 Plus 20 Cooperation Plan for Chinese and African Institutions of Higher Education;
                  5. Chinese language promotion via Confucius Institute;
                  6. Exit administration; and,
                  7. Foreign affairs concerning reception and protocol service.

                  Xiangtan University currently has more than 60 global partners. It has established nearly 90 cooperation agreements, involving various academic fields, with higher education institutions in more than 20 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Spain, France, German, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Uganda, Ghana, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba. Thirty-five cooperative international educational programs have been launched, and two Confucius Institutes have been built overseas.

                  The University has been involved in the "20 Plus 20 Cooperation Plan for Chinese and African Institutions of Higher Education", and was in the first group of Hunan institutions of higher education to enroll both international students and students from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan. It is a host university for Chinese Government and the Confucius Institute Scholarships.

                  Being open and inclusive in academic studies, the University sponsors or organizes nearly 100 academic conferences at national and international level every year, creating a strong academic atmosphere.

                  Table: Global Partners

                  Asia (15)
                  Japan (5)
                  Kagoshima University, Shiga University, Seisen University, Doshisha University, Shikoku University
                  Korea (6)
                  Chung-Ang University, Jeju National University, Youngsan University, Kwangju Hunan  University, Kongju National University, Ajou University
                  Thailand (3)
                  Lampang College of Commerce and Technology, Far Eastern University, Lampang Campus of Rajamangla Institute of Technology
                  Malaysia (1)
                  National Security College

                  Europe (31)
                  Russia (2)
                  Ivanovo State University, Kazan State University
                  UK (4)
                  Swansea University, University of the West of Scotland, University of Dundee,University Of Central Lancashire
                  France (7)
                  University of Savoie, University of Saint-Etienne, University of Poitiers, Paris Higher School of Economics, University of Le Havre, University of Tours, University of Orléan
                  Spain (7)
                  Universidad of León, Technical University of Madrid, Rovira I Virgili University, Catalunya International University,  University of Murcia, Autonomous University of Barcelona,  Technical University of Catalonia
                  Ukraine (2)
                  Lutsk State Technical University, Warren National University
                  Germany (3)
                  University of Marburg, Humboldt University、Fresenius University of Applied Science and Technology
                  Czech (1)
                  Braque Institute of Chemical Technology
                  Belgium (2)
                  University of Mons-Hainaut, Ghent University
                  Italy (1)
                  Sapienza University of Rome
                  Norway (1)
                  Norwegian University of Science and Technology
                  Portugal (1)
                  Polytechnic Institute of Bragança
                  USA (10)
                  Pennsylvania State University, Marshall University, Kean University, University of Kent, University of Massachusetts Boston, Wayne State University, Ohio State University, University of Oregon, University of Missouri St.(空格)Louis, Jacksonville State University
                  Canada (2)
                  University of Laval, University of Winnipeg
                  Mexico (1)
                  National Autonomous University of Mexico
                  Cuba (1)
                  University of Havana
                  Australia (3)
                  Australia (3)
                  University of Adelaide, Macquarie University, University of Canberra                                                                   
                  Africa (4)
                  Ghana (3)
                  University of Cape Coast, Sunyani Technical University, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
                  Uganda (1)
                  Makerere University