Talents Introduction and Overseas Teacher Training and Development


                  Beginning in 1980s, Xiangtan University employed foreign teachers for language teaching, and making it a target in international talent seeking employment in China.

                  As internationalization has developed, the University has used more international talents in language teaching, scientific research, and innovative talents training. The focus of using foreign talent has gradually moved to international teachers and experts in other professional fields. The University also actively sought to use skilled personnel from overseas for projects in Hunan Province. During the past three years, 82 foreign experts and teachers were employed and 8 talents introduction projects approved. This included four overseas talent introduction projects; a "Master's Lecture" program supported by the Hunan Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs; and three "Overseas Lecturer" projects supported by the Education Department of Hunan Province.

                  Recently, the University has actively applied for China Scholarship Council (CSC) projects and encouraged students to study at high-level foreign universities. Beginning in 2015, CSC has funded nearly one hundred XTU students for studying overseas. The University launched several projects, including "Senior Researchers and Visiting Scholars on a Government Sponsorship", "Talents Training Project for Western China and Regional Cooperation", and "International Exchange Program for Excellent Undergraduates". Some economics instructors were selected by the Hunan International Student Education (in English) Project, to go to English-speaking countries to pursue world-class economics research. This program strengths their theoretical studies; enables them to be at the frontier of economics theory; and improves their international education teaching.