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                  Student Association Union of XTU

                  The Union of Xiangtan University Student Associations (hereinafter as the Union) is a self-governing organization for student associations in XTU. Under the leadership of the Youth League Committee of the university, the Union is responsible for offering services, coordination, supervision and management of 83 student associations. With a mission to create excellent association culture and foster campus elites, it has now grown into one of the most influential student organizations in the university.

                  The Culture Month of Student Associations elaborately designed by the Union has become a platform for each association to showcase itself and offer fantastic cultural feast for students and teachers. Meanwhile, the Joint Congress of Student Association Members, as the supreme authority of the Union, has become a highlight of the campus every March. As a unique feature of the university, it even becomes an example of the universities across the nation.

                  At present, the 83 registered student associations mainly involve culture, public welfare, technology, arts, sports, students' practice, and academic research. With the number of members standing at more than 20,000, every undergraduate takes part in one association on average during their school days.

                  The union has gradually reached a consensus on solving common problems with other unions of Hunan's universities and colleges, as mutual exchanges increased in recent years. It's a common aspiration of these unions to set up a platform on communication, study and cooperation. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Union, the first Sanxiang (Hunan) Association Exchange Forum in Universities and Colleges was held in hopes of promoting the development of student association culture in Hunan, enhancing experience exchange among different unions in the province, summarizing achievements of excellent association at current stage, jointly addressing major problems hindering the development of student associations, sparing no effort for innovation, and pushing student association development to a new high.

                  Directory of XTU Student Associations

                  Add: Room 101, First Floor of Student Center, Xiangtan University湘潭大学学生活动中心一楼101室
                  Tel: 0086-731-52362050
                  Zip Code: 411105

                  Name of Student Associations
                  Academic Research (14)
                  Student & Youth Political Science Association
                  Society for Perfect Performance Management
                  Society for Public Administration
                  Xuanti (Winding Stair) Poetry Society
                  Historical Society
                  Social Survey Association
                  Society for Chemistry
                  Society for History of the Party
                  Society for Huxiang Culture Research
                  Legal Consulting Association
                  Association for Study of International Affairs
                  Astronomy Association
                   Learning Organization Research Society
                  Association for Study of Party Building Among Students
                  Students’ Practices (16)
                  Student Association for Mandarin Chinese
                  Electronic Commerce Association
                  "Vitamin" Campus Club
                  Editing and Publication Association
                  Team Enactus
                  Cuisine Culture Association
                  Marketing Society
                  Weibo Association
                  Tourism Association
                  Gardening Association
                  Securities & Investment Association
                  Association for Career Development and Occupational Guidance
                  Psychological Association
                  Society for Study of Law Popularization and Legal Science
                  Investment & Financing Association
                  Accounting Career Development Association
                  Culture (10)
                  Fenghua Literature Society
                  Speech and Eloquence Association
                  Wuxia (Martial Arts) Pal Association
                  Debate Association
                  Student News Agency
                  New Girl Association
                  Wenxin Book Society
                  Sign Language Association
                  Cantonese Fans Association
                  Arts (16)
                  Student Drama Society
                  Vocal Music Association
                  Advertising Association
                  Guitar Association
                  Visual Communication Design Association
                  Film Art Association
                  Magic Society
                  Broadcasting and Hosting Association
                  Instrumental Music Association
                  Tea Art Association
                  Hip-hop Association
                  Photography Association
                  Animation Association
                  Painting and Calligraphy Association
                  Belly Dance Association
                  Technology (5)
                  Electronics Technology Association
                  Mathematical Modeling Association
                  Entrepreneurs Association
                  Website Design Association
                  Computer Association
                  Sports (20)
                  Chess Association
                  Educational Board Games Association
                  Outward Bound Association
                  Basketball Referee Association
                  Speedy Youth Cycling Association
                  Shuttlecock Association
                  Volleyball Association
                  Tennis Association
                  Billiards Association
                  E-sports Association
                  Basketball Association
                  Orientation Movement Association
                  Badminton Association
                  Roller Skating Association
                  Ballroom Dance Association
                  Martial Arts Association
                  Student Table Tennis Association
                  Football Association
                  Attitude Skateboard Association
                  Cheerleading Exercise Association
                  Public Welfare (3)
                  Mujin (Hibiscus) Gratitude Voluntary Teaching Association of Xiangtan University
                  Jinyi 5·1·8 Loving Care Association of Xiangtan University
                  Social Rights and Legal Assistance Center
                  Trial Operation (1)
                  Gulian (Ancient Lotus) Chinese Culture Society

                  Note: The associations marked in red are the ones that operate very well.