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                  【Academic Forum】Functional Microstructure Precision Manufacturing Technology2019-12-15 【Academic Forum】Formation and Development of Treaty System2019-12-04 【Academic Forum】”Seeing” the Black Hole2019-12-02 【Academic Forum】Research on Analysis Method and Generation and Transformation of Micro-nano Particles in Environment2019-11-13 【Academic Forum】Data Storage and Security Technology2019-11-11 【Academic Forum】Homogenization of Stable-like Processes in Random Media2019-09-17 【Academic Forum】Exploratory 3D Reconstruction and Visual Perception of Indoor Robot2019-08-30 【Academic Forum】New Wine in an Old Bottle: Classical Optimization Thought in Evolutionary Computing2019-07-02 【Academic Forum】Entrepreneurship and Rational Core of New Business Education2019-05-21 【Academic Forum】Leapfrog Development of National Treasure - Status Quo and Prospects of Large Aircraft and Aerodynamic Development2019-04-22 【Academic Forum】Dynamic System and Optimal Control Perspective of Deep Learning and Beyond2019-01-02 【Academic Forum】Deterministic Small Probability Event Discovery Method Based on Big Data and Its Application2018-12-15 【Academic Forum】Unique Mechanical-Magnetic Coupling Effects of Carbon Nanostructures2018-12-09 【Academic Forum】Particle and Photon Detector Research at Ru?erBos?kovic? Institute (RBI)2018-12-07 【Academic Forum】Characterization of Semiconductor Detectors Using IBIC Imaging Method2018-12-07 【Academic Forum】Renaissance and Merging of Organofluorine with Hypervalent Iodine(III)2018-12-06 【Academic Forum】Electrochemical Reaction Process of Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) to Charge Transfer Medium Changes2018-11-25 【Academic Forum】Deep Learning Method and Application for Video Recognition2018-11-17 【Academic Forum】Adaptive Deep Learning and Person Re-identification Method2018-11-17 XTU 60th Founding Anniversary Celebration Series 【Academic Forum】Big Data Impact on Education—Opportunities to Chinese Education Brought by Interne2018-09-16 XTU 60th Founding Anniversary Celebration Series 【Academic Forum】Recent Advances in Constrained Multiobjective Optimization and its Applications to 2018-09-16 XTU 60th Founding Anniversary Celebration Series 【Academic Forum】The effect of excess electrons on photocatalytic activity of reduced TiO22018-09-14 XTU 60th Founding Anniversary Celebration Series 【Academic Forum】Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks2018-09-06 XTU 60th Founding Anniversary Celebration Series 【Academic Forum】SiC-based High-speed Drive Application Research on Modular Multilevel Converter2018-07-20 XTU 60th Founding Anniversary Celebration Series 【Academic Forum】Organic/Perovskite Solar Cells2018-07-20
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